Welcome to my photography site! I have a deep passion for photography, especially in the genres of portrait and street photography. Though photography isn't my profession, it provides me with wonderful opportunities to meet interesting people, which is what I love most about it. Through my lens, I get to hear their stories, capture their emotions, and showcase their unique personalities.

Michal Hotovec


For me, exploring portraiture is a fascinating journey into the world of human stories and emotions. As a photographer who is just learning about this genre, I am constantly surprised by the depth and variety that can be captured in people's faces. Each portrait is an opportunity for me to not only record the likeness, but to reveal a piece of the soul and personality of the sitter.


The street is a theater where the play is constantly being performed, and I am just a spectator trying to capture the best moments.

Absurd, trivial, serious, sad, joyful, ordinary, extraordinary - all these moments alternate. I enjoy finding people in photos. I am not looking for social documentation, and I do not enjoy photographing ugly and unpleasant things.

An ordinary walk home from work is an opportunity for me to walk through the city, clear my head, and look for these moments.

Michal Hotovec Photo
My name is Michal, and I take pictures. Born in 1978, I first held a camera—a Zenit-E—in my hands. I studied film production, with photography as my hobby during those years. After many years away, I am now enjoying a comeback to my passion for photography.